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When the wedding planner is planning her own wedding- The Dress

First and foremost - it's really important to have a good grasp on your overall design and décor

1. Stay True to Yourself - Other peoples opinions are important - but the one that's most important is how you will feel on your special day. Try a fitting solo- and get an idea what you think of what really wow's you and not the crowd.

Think about things for at least 24 hours.. don't rush! Even when sales people sat otherwise. It's a day that is truly unique and special. Take it all in.

2. Overall Design of Your Wedding: imagine your dress at your ceremony- what chairs and décor would it match best with?

While you're dining with your guests- does it go along with the tables, chairs, centerpieces and style that most appeals to you?

3. Have an Idea of What Styles You Love Most - show these photos to your bridal guides and go from there. Try on things you've never done before! Have fun and enjoy the process. Even if it takes more than a few appointments.

4. Be Realistic About Your Budget - When bridal reports say the average wedding dress is around $1,200 - believe it! I tried on dresses that ranged from $575- $1,500.

5. There Are Addition Items- please keep in mind that if you opt for the veil - these are an additional $150 on up depending on how much fabric etc.. And, any other accessories for hair and belt etc.. can add more to the cost.

6. Take Photos of You in The Dress- Take photos of your favorite dresses- side views, back side, front- all angles! Think about it for 24 hours and ensure this is the look you want. I would advise go with your gut on this.

7. Fabrics - Depending on where you go - research the labels that they carry and look at those lines on the web. Fabrics are everything! When you put on the dress do you see lines that shouldn't be there? Is it all wrinkly or not photographing well? These are signs that this dress may be the same way on your wedding day. You want quality fabrics that are slimming, smoothing, and bring out the best in your body.

8. Trends- -Well, trends come and go... but what the classic styles keep coming back over and over. Do your research- know what looks best on you! And, go with that.

9. Alterations - You need to talk to your bridal stylist about this. Suuuper important. Do you plan on losing weight from now until the wedding or perhaps the opposite? They need to know! You definitely need to ask. Because some dresses cannot be altered any further depending on the construction and design if you lose weight or vise versa.

10. Custom Gown- If you want that true custom gown feeling! Research local wedding designers in your area - and have them construct the gown of your dreams that is tailored exactly for your body.

Happy Wedding Dress Shopping!

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